Jan 1

Good morning 2018

It’s nice to meet you… It could have been a warmer welcome… Just saying

This is my personal year….I always have so many plans, some actually happen, some don’t, some change.


always have plans, every start of every year. But they usually fall apart within weeks.  Then when the inevitable happens-Dec 31, I start to reflect on what I’ve done, accomplished, managed, forgotten completely about. People I’ve seen, what we’ve done, where I’ve managed to travel to. I usually forget many of the details.  So this blog is my life in 2018.  My plans…

I’ve tried planners, day timers, Instagram, any and all… But can’t stick to much of them. This year I’m going to give it the old college go again.

This is the last almost full moon of 2017 and the first sunrise of 2018.  I stepped outside of the back porch for the moon shot but it was way too cold -28 something this morning, I was just heading down the stairs and snapped a pic through a kinda dirty window.
Too lazy, too cold.

I gotta say Ontario has been a study in crappy weather for me in 2017.  I’d be tempted to throw in the towel if it weren’t for my gkids.

I came in February, a last minute trip to offer my services as, best babysitter in the world with a suitcase and travel benefits.  Just call me and I’ll be there. I heard about a trip to Niagara Falls. Pearson airport being on the way between.

“Pick me up, I’ll babysit in the hotel”.

My offer was taken up. It was a great couple days. I was supposed to be dropped off on the way home to Muskoka. But somehow the travel plans changed and I ended up in the freezing cold for a couple more days for a 3rd birthday party. You know.. Since I was in the general area anyway.

In May we retuned, both of us this time for about a week to help (dictate, boss around, offer assistance) in the planning of THE FIRST RAISED GARDEN.

It rained for the whole entire friggin month. And when it wasn’t raining the black flies came out in full force. A week turned into FIVE weeks.

Building the frames, leveling the site, getting the soil, transporting soil that had to dry out. It was a month+ of watching the weather forecast. And buzzing stupid annoying black flies from Hell… It wasn’t fun

Came back in July to rain

Returned end of August to more rain and hardly any Sun.

End of September trip was the only bright spot… Let’s just say the whole summer of bad, forgettable beach weather of no Sun, no heat.. Culminating in the hottest most unbearable heat wave for the 3 days in Toronto at the end of summer. Well who needs it all in the 3-5days.  Mother nature you really need to spread these things out. It’s like she’s having a bad hair day kinda year of fits and tantrums.  It was a year of extreme weather for me in Ontario. Well just about everywhere else too. It screwed up my BC trip as well now that I remember with all those wild fires, thanks alot for that fiasco too. But I did manage to get in a few road trips. Met some new towns and cities and points of interest.


Most of my trips in 2017 were based around three day festivals, concerts, and destination weddings.  Providing the child minding services etc.  So here’s hoping that my kids have more out of  town couples things planned for 2018.


Also….anyone out there need a housesitter, houseboat sitter, boatsitter, cabinsitter, in saaaay…April May June September October!?!?!  In saaaay Muskoka, Great Lakes area….

So on to 2018. Maybe I’ll manage to get out of the country.


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