Spring Trip

This will be our view the end of May.

It’s on the waterfront.

On the harbour…

…or so the pictures from the AirB&B promise.

The description changed from the site before payment and  an email description after payment.

“quirky” was NEVER mentioned until payment and confirmation was received

But we’re thinking positive.  After all nothing could be worse than the neighborhood of my last stay in Toronto.  “up and coming” as a neighborhood description is not a positive. Even though I had warning from someone familiar with Toronto.


I’m thinking this is the view from Hamilton to Toronto.  But I could be wrong. That’s where we’re going on a sister vacation. This time maybe there won’t be any high tides, Friday the 13th, full moons, trump inaguration crap, no caffeine for days ….to deal with.


The plan is leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.  That means no rental car. Biking, hiking, go train, go bus, walking.  Its going to be GREEN.

From what I can surmise Hamilton/Burlington is midway between Toronto day trips, and NOTL day bike trips from Niagara Falls go train.  A little wine country exploring maybe.  Waterfalls have been promised in Hamilton as the Waterfall Capital.  I like me some waterfalls and hiking trails.

I have driven from Niagara Falls to NOTL a few times, it’s hard not to notice all the bikers along the way.  I always thought it would be more fun biking than driving this stretch, so I talked my sister into coming along.  I don’t remember how this even happened.  Could have been the seat sales.

I don’t usually plan this far in advance.  Don’t know how I’m going to deal with that.  I’m a last minute kind of traveler.



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